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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Sexism is everywhere because we are making it happen, so it surely does exist in Indian music industry also. Every other industry is making sexism common and promoting it openly, so we can’t blame theentertainment industry only, but the whole society is letting this happen.

Indian music industry has varied range of singers who sang beautiful songs and still they are making some great music. But if we look at the records of the songs sang in a year it’s mostly the male tropes of singers and female have hardly sung some lines only.

Women singers are given 3 to 4 lines to sing in a duet song and the remaining is sung by male singers. This kind of opportunities are making their talent dim and their career is also not rising up to the par. Live concerts are also dominated by the male singers and female get hardly recognition in live concerts . Male singers are hyped even if they are not so good singers.

Earlier there used to be female singers who have sang some exceptional songsand they have got their due fame and money. But as we are moving ahead women singers are hardly given the opportunity to sing Bollywood song composition.

Even the pay disparity exist in music industry. There are not enough songs for female singers and this is making them to leave the industry and make a career alternate than Bollywood on their own feet.

Sona Mohapatra has come out and raised her voice against the sexism that is running in the music industry. She said many are afraid to talk about it as they don’t want to lose the tiny chance to make their mark in the industry.

She stated “women can complain about the wrongdoers or else she hustles hard to mark her own existence with another path”.

The male brigade and the society is doing everything possible to pin down the women almost in every industry but our gritty women’s are emerging triumphantly in every field.
Yet we need to pit female singers in many songs because they deserve a great opportunity.
They will shine if we give them a right light.