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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Women are half of the world. For example, in a business, if you trained half of the employees your business won’t succeed. They’ll be a burden on your business and will be resented by other employees for not pulling away. How is it that a community or a country can expect to thrive when it only educates half its citizens? When women and never given the chance to develop skills and their potential will always be seen of lesser value than men photo have access to education. This becomes a vicious cycle that keeps going on until the time when women as role model in the community can show what they can do and help move and improve society. Women play a very important role in the socio-economic development of a country.
A national comment meant to provide free and compulsory education to all in the 6
6 to 14 years of age group is now a fundamental right of every child in India after the passing of the Constitution (86th Amendment Act) in December 2002. Ensuring girls education requires change not only in the education system but also in societal norms and attitudes. Gender inequality in education is also extreme. Girls are less likely to access school, to remain in school or to achieve education. The educational backwardness of the girls has been both the cause and result of their low status in society. The prevalence of segregation of women folk, child marriage, absence of a divorce system is obstructing the educational development of women. More than 75% of illiterate girls belong to the poorest section of society. They live in old traditions of the society in which inequality of genders is embedded into the minds of boys and girls. In most middle-class families the girls get an education but their lifestyle confines them to domestic work resulting in the deterioration of their state in the family.