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There exists a lot of women who’ve been shining high in this country, they’ve been signifying there existence in such a way that the whole country is proud of them. Mother teresa, Indira Gandhi, kalpana chawla and many more of these women have made a difference in the society, but there exists another woman who’s worked hard to grow into something that the whole country is today proud of her. Ms. Ritu Rathee, a pilot, a mother, a wife and an influencer. She’s proved to the world that women are not made for the housework only. She is the one who belonged to a community who didn’t support girls much for their studies and dreams, the society disrespected her family for making their daughter study abroad and to such a high extent, but it was her who conquered her dreams and made her family proud of having her as a child.
“Daring is being yourself in front of everyone” – ritu rathee.