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Mayuravarshini Mohana
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Coding or scripting is the creation of a set of instructions for a computer application, browser or a robot to perform a particular task. Without coding, even the most basic of digital actions would be impossible to execute. It goes without saying that coding has become fundamental to digital literacy. Ever since the onset of digital revolution, every aspect of our lives has become intricately woven with technology. From heavy duty tasks such as large-scale management to quotidian activities such as reading or shopping, the digital revolution has percolated our lives. The increasingly pervasive presence of technology provides enough proof for the expanding scope of coding. The World Economic Forum states that nearly 30% of us have to learn new skills in order to get better jobs and coding is unarguably one among them.

Why learn Coding?
The importance of coding has been recognised across the job positions of Information Technology (IT) worker, Data Analysts, Artists and Designers, Engineers and Scientists. In a country like India where start-ups are booming, it is considered economically unwise to hire employees exclusively for coding. So regardless of which of these fields you work in, adding coding to your list of skills will make you stand out from the crowd.

It is expected that the next decade will witness a decrease in the number of computer science graduates qualified for coding positions. So it becomes all the more important to learn coding and learn it right. Here are a few organization offering courses that are popular among coding learners.

Girls Who Code- This organisation has dedicated itself to closing the gender gap in tech fields. Guided by the values of bravery, sisterhood and activism the organisation has an inclusive policy that incorporates diversity, equity and inclusion in its mission. With a pan-India presence, their clubs, college loops and summer immersion programmes are worth exploring.

SkillCrush provides online classes on coding and it is estimated that women make up a majority of their student population. Since it is online, it allows self-paced learning and a lot of flexibility. The courses are project-based and mentor led so that learning happens through hands on experience.

upGrad is a popular higher education platform that provides intensive courses on coding. Teamed with world class faculty, the courses offered are industry–relevant and provide a comprehensive learning experience.

BridgeLabz focuses on experiential learning with a unique 1:10 mentorship ratio. They boast of a hands-on learning experience with successful placement of 2500+ engineers.