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Apoorva Pathak
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We often see women are considered puppet and the rope is in the hands of this male-dominated society. This society is just like jail to the women’s world.
She is not allowed to chose her profession the things she loves. If she chose there own professional she can be an inspiration to others as well as give her hundred per cent in this society. Indian women contribute to less than 17 per cent of GDP which shows that she is not allowed to work and even if she works to succeed.
I take an example of many successful women who have achieved heights in their life such as lata Mangeshkar who is a marvellous singer if she opposed to succeeding she might not know us now. There is no one perfect until we make things perfect for the exposer.

We can only give our 100% when we are willing to that work. If we expose women with the work she wants to do she will excel in that. Why can they choose their desire work? Why this male-dominated society dictate women about her task?
There are many problems that women face in her day to day work. Where was she work she has to overcome many challenges and these challenges are mostly based on safety issues. Women face more threats than man. She is not only challenged physically but also mentally, socially and emotionally. We often see there are many women enterprise who has shown the world their potential. They have excel in the field where she was much interested.

We should also make the free choice to opt for our desired occupation. No work is small or big we just have to give chance to women to show their talent. Many families have the trend that if they have a child she should in a profession where there is no physical and mental stress and tell her to be a good wife, daughter, mother. Why her career should be imposed on her before her birth?
We have to learn from our mistakes and look behind the uneven society where women suffer the most because of the oppressive nature of male.