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In current time, at some workplaces women are much safer than before due to development of society and their is some kind of change we can see in mentality of our society that men and women both can go outside and earn money by being independent and confident. But safety of women at workplace is still not their in many places because in news channels there are highlight of sexual harassment, abuse and what not. Women are getting torture at workplace by giving them all work pressure. Women are not equally treated due to which they don’t get equal opportunity and it affect on their salary by not getting equal salary compare to men with having same skills and experience. They feel unfair and depressed by not treating them equally. There is lot of comparison between men and women at workplace that women has to listen. At workplace men can’t see women achievement towards work so they start passing comments and disrespect them. Because of which women become victim of sexual harassment. In companies there are employees who is boss favourite they also get into boss team and torture other employee because of which they go through with mental health. Women who face sexual harassment at workplace they need to learn self-defense to give them answer in their own way by not getting scared of such people. There is an advertising of women who face sexual harassment at workplace due to which she stop wearing fashion clothes and by getting enough of tolerance towards her boss. She decided to raise her voice against him. Like that women should take stand fight back with people who behave with disrespect. Never get scared of such people who torture you instead of being strong is the solution for people who create trouble in between your work.