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Female sports players are not acknowledged, they are not given the media coverage or appreciation they deserve. Female are playing sports for many years they do not start playing now, because some traditional society does not allow women to face, there is sexism in the sports field also. Females are allowed to play sports till the specific after some time their parents say to quit sports and do marriage and ask your husband if he agrees then only continue. Indian girls who play sports have to do practice in suits but it is not comfortable for them, also they don’t get support from family when it comes to going out represent at the state level, country level and international level female players had to convince a lot to go for the match. Many women do not get the equipment and proper diet because some parents think we are just wasting money, also society tries to convince the society. In our country, sports are looked at as entertainment. Female teams have to struggle a lot to get the sponsorship. Some people a trying to change the thought process of society by making films based on female sports player in which they try to show their difficulties how they overcome them and got achievements such as dangal, chak de India, Mary Kom and saina these all movie empower the female sports player that they can also overcome the difficulties if they want to. Female should think obstacles which they come between they should treat them as stones which lead them to their achievement every female should keep never give up, no matter what difficulties may come. Government and sports associations need to give equal pay to both male and female sports players, we need to make female sports more popular and appreciate their achievements.