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Manpreet Singh
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We have many gender-based stereotypes in place such as girls actually more polite or hard-working than boys, and that boys more aggressive and stronger than girls? Gender stereotypes are sources of significant gender-related problems that are leading to the gender divide. It affects the educational attainment of students later in their life. Gender stereotypes bring about unjustified representations of various groups of people. By stereotypical definition, we may incline parents and teachers to treat their daughters and sons differently. This has seriously affected the educational options presented before the boys and girls at building years of their education. As a result, the stereotypes have regarded the only handful of fields that are available to the students.
Our teachers are equally responsible for this. Teachers at schools encourage male students to lean towards science more. It is done by praising their correctly conducted physical experiments. Whereas female students are more motivated to analyze and pursue arts and humanities. Similarly, parents at home who keep their daughters away from such roles, which can help them ignite interest in science. Males are also shunned for activities such as playing with dolls or how to bake cakes. The result of this is that the initially inaccurate gender stereotypes may become the source of a real difference in the functioning and capabilities of females and males, which is sized according to a specific domain of human activity. Unless we bring about some changes, these Gender stereotypes will continue to vary expectancies with regard to social behavior and educational achievement of both females and males.
Now is the right time that we question these gender stereotypes which are basically limiting the options for girls and we are wasting our pool of talent. Time and again, we have proven that gender-related jobs are a thing of the past and both males and females can pursue any job so long as they have the required acumen for it.