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Manpreet Singh
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Teachers lie at the core of each kid’s instructive and educative journey, right from youth to more significant levels of schooling. Consistently committed educators can emphatically affect young blood into personality building. In numerous places of the world, particularly low-pay nations, qualified instructors are hard to come by. As indicated by one study, the interest for teachers at the university level in the developing pay nations is projected to ascend by 25% somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2030. But still, we need more flow of qualified teachers in our universities, particularly female teachers, as it can greatly improve the gender division problems and other inequalities that are associated with it.

Not only we should fill the teacher gap, but also improve the quality of education, of course. The skills of teachers, and how they teach, are very important. Notwithstanding these central points of contention, gender disparity and variations in the training labor force likewise should be attended to. This is basic in light of the fact that gender equality in the labor force, including staff and school initiatives, is directly connected with teaching results, particularly for young girl students. Women teachers are a better choice for teachers in universities as they have a better understanding of student psychology. Not just as teachers, women are also proven to be good counselors. The good availability of women teachers in universities brings a sense of security among girl students when they step out of their comfort zone. Women are born with empathy and a high emotional quotient, so therefore they are in a better position to understand issues that are related to girl students. Women are certainly more equipped as against their male counterparts to understand student’s ability to learn quickly. But, one should also avoid stereotyping because male teachers can be equally kind-hearted and affectionate.

Apart from that, it is a good way to empower our women and to make them more independent in society. It has a direct as well as an indirect effect in eliminating the gender division problem that our society has.