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Apoorva Pathak
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I don’t feel so that even after so many laws and acts LGBTQ+ community is safe in this orthodox
society. We often see in the news and even around us that these people are treated just like untouchable, they are pushed out of society and sometimes it leads to honour killing.
We should look beyond the binate of the spectrum so that we can understand this community their needs and their nature.
In India, although the supreme court and high court are dealing with cases regarding marriages of these community. And even made many changes in marriage acts of Hindu (1955), Muslim (1872) and Christian (1937) still there are many evils existing that do not allow this community to live happily.

The government of India has enacted the transgender protection act 2019 in which it is the constitutional right to protect the employment, education and health of this community. There shall be no discrimination against this community but still is this happening. Are they free to live, free to tell people about their identity., free to chose their partner.
Now courts have recognised them as the third gender in their landmark judgement of national legal service authority versus UOI.
Even after so many rules and regulation many people mainly those who have a cheap mentality tries to take advantages of this community. They are raped, harassed, insulted publicly, beaten up and many more. These things usually start from their own family when they start treating them as inferior. Even if they commit suicide after so much torcher no local authority of that particular area takes interest in it.
They face discrimination in right to vote, employment and even in getting a licence. They are bullied every day by their co-workers and even by their siblings. They are sometimes forced into the human trafficking trap.
We need to understand we need to work upon this community even they are human they have the right to live their life with dignity.