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anshika agarwal
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We are living in a man’s world. When it comes to sports female sportpersons are not given the light of camera unless they win big and done something recognized. Some people say that women bodies are not really built for sports. Many people thinks that if a sportswoman is good looking then it is easier for her to steal the limelight from someone who has more talent than her. It’s a reality and the media is sexist and women don’t get affected by these peoples comments. However it doesn’t stop female from being a sportperson. Women all over the world have crossed boundaries due to which they get succeeded. We have all the sports for females too like men but female sports are televised quite less than male sports. Being a sportpersons females have to face a lot of challenges. One of the major challenges for women is the burden of cultural baggage that acts as a hurdle for development. Despite some changes in this things there is still some distance to go before women in india are afforded fair opportunities for a career in international sport. While this is true for all women athletes that they have a hard time keeping up while they have their period. Menstruation can bring along a lot of side effects such as fatigue, nausea, pain, depression and more but women athletes fight all of this and keep practising and participating and act as a warrior. In our society it doesn’t matter how many titles female athletes may have won. The media still puts question to woman athlete about her marriage and her motherhood. Male athletes are never put through such questions and all questions asked to them are related to only their careers. One of the major discrimination women see in sports is that they are paid less than men. Women’s tournaments always have a low prize money. People used to objectify women in the field by passing comments on them. Female athletes don’t have job security. They don’t know what they will do after their retirement. There are a lot of challenges women face in sports only women who are strong and well determined can give tough fight to such challenges.