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Yes, it’s a practical form of the patriarchy going on in every minute and there’s not much human who are not upholding it. Maybe we do consider some theories to support feminism and fight against patriarchy, but we too are somehow organised by patriarchy itself.
In the case of choosing job, maybe yes we’re struggling against the whole society, to achieve what we once dreamt but is it truly a decision made only by ourselves?
Cause whatever rebellion we come for, it’s the same society where we brought up. Yes we have dreamt but our dreams are also affected by the patriarchy itself.
First, for all those girls who started and inspired by someone from their family or someone else from outside, whether it’s men or women, how can they be sure that their idol is not upholding the patriarchy?
Even if we think as a child he/she doesn’t have a fur knowledge about those social issues, they accept and think what they are being taught without any discrimination. But as we know we’re always taught in the basis of these social norms. Then how can we claim our thoughts or dreams are not upholding that same patriarchy?
Most of us initially go for a choice, already made or expected from us by our family. Maybe without a single thought, we’re accepting it as we know being independent is really an important issue in our lives and for women empowerment too. But we never give it a thought if it’s too are just a support system of those long held patriarchy or not.
In our own family, we’ve been taught that jobs are decided too in the basis of gender. What a girl should do and what her future should look like, is already preassumed. And in future most of us accept that decision, knowing that parents are thinking for our best, willingly or unwillingly. This is where lies the norms of patriarchy. And the main problem with us, that we’re always afraid of experiencing tragedy. It’s an advice for all the girls, explore yourselves, gather experience and then decide what you actually want to do. Because your job is going to be with you for most of your life. So never choose anything just because it’s said.