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Gayatri Somvanshi
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No, till now girls are really not safe in the entertainment industry, be it anywhere in the world. We all have so many classic and famous cases of Parveen Babi, Silk, Divya Kumari and Pratyusha Banerjee in front of us who had been held as prey by these hungry wolves of the entertainment industry. We see how women are stuck into this whirlpool of despair all their life.
We see how heroines are not given equal pay and respect for their work. We see how actresses experience sexism and are always not treated fairly and often are victims of casting couch and scandalous things.
You also see how people are just okay with the lives of young girls and male them do all the unspeakable things if they want to get a role and teenage girls mostly don’t know and are not rational and end up stuck in these rackets. Some people are so shameless that they even get these girls involved in drug rackets , prostitution, himan trafficking and so on. Even though change is there, it’s still really difficult for women to set a strong foothold in Industry. The movements like me too had helped women to raise their voices and we really got to know real faces of the actors like Alok nath. This is really something which made women feel strong and secure.Though in spite of this there are shows which still hire these kinds of people. They are just disrespectful to the actresses and not to forget that how the media too is always after actresses invading their personal life . Their every single move is monitored and there are countless rumours around them. People also always see actresses , models and singers , dancers as lowly people and thus life for celebrities is always difficult. Let’s not even forget how they are always body shamed and insulted making people vary to pursue their dreams in this industry.