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Everyone should have the right over their body, even if a girl wants to use it as a prostitute, she should not be judged over that. Today, we live in a country where a rapist can live a dignified life but a prostitute can’t. Prostitution should be legalised and accepted by the country but only with a free will of people who want do it.
Today, we’ve been hearing many cases where girls are forced into prostitution even if they don’t want it. Prostitution should be legalised with humans free will. A few reasons i think prostitution should be made legal is because;
1.Legalising will protect minors.
According to suggestions of various researches carried out globally, it can be estimated that as many as 10 million children are engaged in prostitution worldwide. Child prostitution exists in all the countries, irrespective of their level of economic development; theproblem is observed in its severity in Asia and South America. By legalising prostitution and taking strict measures to regulate it, we can ensure removal of minors from the profession, thus protecting their rights and confirming their safety.
2. It will reduce the number of rapes and other sexual assaults.
With a legal and easier alternative available, people who wish to satisfy their sexual urges will resort to prostitutes rather than committing heinous crimes such as rapes for the same purpose.
3. Elimination of forced prostitution.
Once decriminalised, the entire industry will come under the sphere of legal control which will enable law upholders to detect instances of forced prostitution and help victims of the same.
4.Right to Use Body according to free will.
Every person has the right to use his or her body according to their will. Portraying it as morally wrong does now depict anything but a skewed value system. If a person finds prostitution wrong, it is perfectly acceptable for them to stay away from it. Nobody has the right to force a person to adhere to somebody else’s moral standards. It can be said that prostitution is not oppressive, it is how it is practiced by some people that makes it oppressive.