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This is a vital fact to avoid that how pandemic worsen women empowerment. As everyone of us know that maximum number of employees are getting Substracted amid pandemic. Economy is getting worse. In such cases, working women are facing inevitable problem too.
Among the employees, women are mostly identified as weak and inferior. So in the name of lessen employees, companies are erasing working women.
As a result, the women who were mostly depending on their job, getting a lot of problems in their household.
Women who are living alone are facing money problem while women who are living with her in-laws are facing insulting behaviors.
Pandemic brings children and their education at home. In this case Women are always expected to look after children and their education. For non-working women, it brings a lot of pressure as they are expected to look after each member of family 24×7 while working women are still expected to perform that with their own jobs. And doing work from home, with a unsupportive family is getting a big challenge.
With all of these pressure, society don’t even consider mental health issues of women. Constant pressure is resulting in depression and anxiety.
Global survey found that nearly 7 out of 10 women, who have faced negative shifts in their routines, believe their career progression is slowing down.
The result of pandemic don’t only affected economically but also mentally. While remembering the social issues, we can’t forget this side too as women empowerment is a necessity for current society and can’t be subsided. Companies are requested to think and take care about their female employees too. And to all the fighters of feminism, are advised not to give up on this issues . Hope these surveys will be of great help.