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There is really need of female teachers in universities, in very fewer universities there are an equal number of male and female teachers are seen, there are many reasons behind of it, some women do not have higher qualification and universities mostly hires staff who a have done Ph.D. or have done specialization in a particular subject, many women do not get the chance complete higher education. Female teachers are always needed because they are very passionate when it comes to teaching and also they understand the issues of a college student, they also try to help them especially in the case of girls where they are not comfortable talking with male staff, there also a lot of cases of harassment on girl’s student by the male teacher comes to hear that’s why we require female staff. Some Universities does not give priority to female first because they think teachers will be not able to give their time if there is need of extra class because they have to go back home on time and female teachers have taken more leave than men teachers is how the thought process of some universities for not hiring female teacher but this shows the inequality. Some students abuse the female teacher when they try to teach make fun of them and do mimicry also some students spread fake rumors about the female staff that’s why they try to fear teaching the university students and it also demotivates them. Female teachers should not fear to apply in universities because of not having much experience because policies are changed, now knowledge is more of value than experience. If college started positively hiring women then it will empower other women and this will lead to the development of women in society. Let college need to adopt an equal number of both men and female teacher it will create balance in university and students will get the chance to learn from both.