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Whether it’s before 19 th century or after, women sre always vulnerable even in their own home, then how can we expect to be safe at their workplace? It’s the shameful patriarchal norms going on our society. Women were usually not allowed to go outside and even some people see it as a serious crime for women to go outside. It’s insisted that it is their fault and thus they are provoking rapist and welcome rape in their own desire.
However as we know that being educated and getting a job for being financially independent is not the last thing for women empowerment, even you can say it as a primary step. Why?
Because after this, the real struggle get started. Men , with their wolf eyes, will scrutinized your body. From unwilling touch to sex threat you’ll experience it all.
And atlast you’ll get to meet plenty of men and the insects of our society, who make you believe that your decision about yourself is totally wrong.
Again, if that’s not it , you have to experience rape and even death by your own co-workers.
Yes, not all men but we have plenty of examples why it’s most of them.
Forest Ranger Officer (RFO) Deepali Chavan, known as “*Lady Singham*”, died by suicide . From a letter , directly sent to her husband and ms, Reddy, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, we get to know that she was physically and mentally abused by Vinod Shivkumar, Deputy Conservator of Forest.
In 1992,four upper caste men raped Bhanwari Devi to stop child marriage. This case resulted in making Vishakha Guidelines.
It’s very sad to declare that, despite of having POSH act( 2013) to protect women workers from sexual harassment which says to organize two committee in every company, having more than ten workers, to help the women who are facing sexual issues.
Whether it’s on field work on forest department or army or any business company, women mostly want to stay away from it and sexual harassment is obviously one of the causes. And yes, it’s the cruel reality of working women and their safety in today’s world.