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Justice means serving fair treatment to everyone. society have their own notions they treat as gender biases, people need to understand that gender biases is not right, women do not receive the fair treatment from the society, it is the issue faced by all developing country, justice in our country does not get easier it does not matter how much our side is true. For instance, how many years it took to serve justice to the Nirbhaya case. Women are always told if they want to do work, they need to also take responsibility for the household chores and children but men are not forced to do the same this is an example of biasness. Social beliefs and religion are also the factors which influence the society, women have struggled for higher education, patriarchy still followed in some family, women have to dress in certain way behave in certain and comparatively, men do not have to do all these restrictions then this is not the same treatment given. if society has been fair there will be not that many cases of rape and violence on the female part of society, women who are victims of these have to fight for years to get justice. Gender inequality is also seen in the workplace where women do not receive equal pay and promotions. Women’s opinions and demands don’t get value, these things need to change even these are problems with the LGBTQ community a lot of people are not ready to accept their community this is not how we are doing justice to them. if someone wants to change this society will be criticized and hardly people want to go against society. We don’t have to carry forward these gender biases to the coming generation but we have to take a place where justice meaning will be the same for everyone and all people need to treated equally without any biases.