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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Girls are killed before even they’re born forget about the discrimination she faces in their own house. It is such a shame as a society that we have still not digested the fact that girls are also a human and have a right to be treated equally.
The old orthodox people have said it and still saying that a girl should be living in her house like guest because eventually she will go to another home. Also, they brainwashed the girls mind that they are dependent on male tropes for their survival, and they are inferior to them and need to follow the commands by them immediately.
Girls are not permitted to go out alone and to have fun with friends, but the boys can do a night out. They are not allowed to have meal before the male members and forced to eat the leftovers by them. Even the pocket money is almost in pennies for them, but the boys are provided as much money as they want.

The attention and the affection towards them is very deteriorating as a child. They feel insecure and not so good about themselves as human.

They start questioning why is this kind of behavior and treatment is been given to them specifically. Sometimes even the education is not provided to them up to the par. They are burdened with household chores’ responsibility.

They are questioned and scolded for their attitude, behavior, way of living and the dressing in their own house. A set of rules is applied to them without their personal opinion.

Even the marriage is held without her permission and forced to marry. The important decisions of her life is not in her hand but the men of her life.
She is treated as a slave and a robot who needs to walk through the life approval from others. She is caged from the childhood itself.
I urge all the people who still treats and behave differently with their women’s to let her live freely on her own. She is a powerful enough to make her own decisions.
Make her fly not caged.