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Discrimination against girl child at home is still exist in our society. Because the mindset of people that boys will take care of parents till they get old and will stay with parents and girls are called as “parayadhan”. Why always girls are getting victim for discrimination in our society. In some family son will always get encouragement by their parents for the bright future but daughter are taught household chores from childhood. Why? can’t they taught both son and daughter household chores, boys should also learn cooking. Instead of showing inequality towards their daughter atleast give the same opportunity for both of them. If boys having average grades then also they get support of their parents and if girls scores high grades no one will appreciate or support for her bright future. Society also do comparison between boys and girls because of which from childhood onwards boys think that they are always better than girls. In villages we can see that many girl child are getting married at very small age due to which they don’t even get chance and support from family to educate herself and because of child marriage girls face lots of health problems. Because of society mentality against women that they are only meant to be housewife and not to go outside do job. Girls are the one who always get discriminate for her clothes, gesture, posture, Going outside, education and what not. Girls never get appreciation for her work rather it can be in cooking or achievement at school. Boys are always supported and motivated towards their career. And girls don’t get any support from the family towards their career. In our society girls and boys are just gender we need to see their ethics, talent, hardwork and support them equally by not making comparison between boys and girls. Girls are equally deserve of love and support of their family without getting discriminate them with boys.