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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Why are brides given away at wedding.
It’s a tradition which is being following from ages with the saying called “Betiyaan to paraya dhan Hai” . Sounds like she is adopted one and one fine day her real parents are going to take her away forever. People marry their daughter with lots of dowries and give away them in a marriage. They make her understand that from now on you are not our daughter but your in laws and a wife to your husband.
It’s a norm people have believed in so much that they don’t see right or wrong but to give the brides away. Marriage is intuitions of two people coming together and live a life happily. There should be not be tradition of cutting off the brides from her own parents and then forcing her to do work and have ties with the in-laws.
The tradition Bidaai is the moment where the brides hand is given to the husband and the duty of the father ends there, and Now she is a responsibility of the husband.
It was in earlier days, where women were the property of her father, and he gave that to the husband once she is married. Nowadays, people have evolved the tradition and reinvent the tradition in a beautiful manner with respect to bride and her father.
Women are now planning their own wedding right from the venue, food decor and even the guest list along with the theme how she wants to assign the role to whom. So it’s completely her decision to walk down the aisle with her father or mother or alone. At the same time she also chooses not to cry when she is moving to her husbands place . Because she is not been given away from her father.
Traditions are our roots which should not be forgotten but it’s also important to not follow them blindly, but you can add your own tadka to it and make it sound familiar and positive.