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simran arora
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The male gaze is still prevalent in our society, irrespective of the cultural dynamics. In a layman’s language, witnessing the male gaze is not a comforting experience because it relates to sexual objectification. In the entertainment industry, the male gaze is a common phenomenon. Each series or movie would lead a man to perform leadership or empowering personalities for objectifying women.

The male gaze raises objections to a woman’s lifestyle, including deteriorating her mental health. After viewing such atrocities, everyone in the community has to face the impacts. One can say that this male gaze idealized in the entertainment industry is the beginning of the rape culture. The body of a woman becomes the embodiment of sexual desire through this male gaze outlook. Also, a woman begins to question her self-esteem. It seems that a woman cannot have her stand in society; instead, she has to put herself as a man’s desire to complete her dreams.

Choose any movie, and you will see how a heterosexual male begins his new chapter of life will end with a woman who he romanticizes. It objectifies women to adhere to certain rules and regulations in society, though not all women can be confined to one regulation.

The male gaze is a virus in our society that turns out to be a misogynist and a sexist perspective. However, bringing a change under this spectrum would take years.