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simran arora
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Society expects women to display their marital status to regulate their behavior in the community. For example, an unmarried woman should not be holding contraception or a pregnancy kit. Such behaviors only suit married women. The orthodox is present in all the cultures, but more commonly in the Indian society, irrespective of the religion.

Irrespective of earning money equally to any other individual in the community, marital society still outbounds the hierarchy. Anyone who identifies as a woman will always have to confirm her marital status when going for an interview or doctor’s appointment.

Society creates no difference for a man with his marital status. Lately, an amendment approved that unmarried women can use the same status as Miss (Ms.). However, some regions do not approve of this and still have a barrier to this.

A woman’s life change as per her current marital status in this country. The never-married woman is not in the race of empowerment as society judges them with a different perspective. The same goes for women who are divorced. The woman who got married or widowed may or may not have much say in their marital status.

If you are a woman living in India, then society will question your every decision. For example, if you are out for hours alone, then your decency will be questioned. However, if you are out with your husband, no one will think ill of you. The situations change according to your marital status. Thereby, women have always be adjourned to the patriarchy in our country. That is why only women are expected to display their marital status, whereas men could live any way they want.