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Sexism is common in areas of discussion be it a workplace, media, or entertainment industry. It exists because people accept it by supporting sexism and content which makes a gender lower than others. The lyrics of the songs have been so drastically changed in every term and any harsh or bad language is being used and we have also witnessed that women singers are less preferred because major of the industry is taken up by men.
Songs made by artists in the nineties and back in past times were so unbiased and had no content which would stereotype gender or make one gender inferior or superior but now the song depicts something else and makes a woman gender as an object. Item songs are the most wanted in these times in each movie and directors or producers also think it’s women who have to be lead in item songs and sung by them but other songs from the same movie have an only male lead singer, so gender stereotype exists here too, in fact, if we can conclude then sexism and discrimination and gender divide and many things exist in each field.
It’s not we don’t have good songs we have songs where women are depicted so decently, songs like ‘Maa’ from movie Tare Zameen pe and ‘Aisa kyu maa’ from Neerja, they are one of the finest in each term but now the sexism and foul language has changed the view of the music industry. Women should be equally given a part in the music industry because no gender is a fix or permanent for any kind of field.