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Manpreet Singh
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Since the 1970’s there has been a wave of human rights revolutions across the globe, sweeping under it a wide variety of developments, covering many discriminated groups such as black people, women, etc. Of all of them, the Feminist revolution has been a major victory for the champion of women’s rights, who have suffered at the hands of the patriarchal setup. This movement has helped women in getting greater access to education, equality in work and wages, balanced marriage life, and other freedoms that they did not have before. But with the ever-increasing reach of social media, we have seen that positive movements such as feminism have been poisoned with too many meanings springing up and being associated with the whole movement.
These days, everyone seems to be an expert regarding social matters and we seem to be deviating from the main track of the whole movement. The result is that the feminism movement is being taken less and less seriously as the days are passing, which I having a negative effect on the whole situation. The problem with today’s feminism is that many say that it has gone too far. It is now commonly mistaken as a gender ideology that hates men. Then there are blames that the victims make up false harassment stories. The image now that is created of feminists is that they are easily offended. This has belittled feminism by calling it a fad. Another problem with the current toxic culture is that the Men who are in support of women are publicly mocked on social media platforms. Even society is not ready to accept radical change and equality. They declare feminists degenerated for talking about hush topics such as discussing bras and body hairs. Feminists are heavily stereotyped as being man-hating unhappy women. Media outlets continue to censor their fight by falsely declaring that feminism is a dead movement. The problem shave been caused due to attaching so many names and so many useless causes with a movement. Now the result is that everyone is mocking the movement and it has become so toxic.
The real problem lies in the fact that the men in power, who are so blinded by their own privileges do not want to lose them at any cost whatsoever. They are using cheap tactics to ruin the whole movement by deviation g from the real cause. The need of the hour is that we need to be more vigilant than ever. We need to carefully choose who our leaders should be and what issues really matter.