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Apoorva Pathak
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Domestic violence usually occurs when one partner dominates the other not only physically but also mentally harming the other partner and creating fear of one. This type of violence is still prevalent in our society because of the mental setup of the people. This has caused a negative sex ratio which has recently reported in the vital statistic of India this has indicated that mostly these type of violence occur in the patriarchal society and where they are educationally backward.

Women are considered a pet of their male member they can’t say anything about her feelings, her will. She is abused and neglected by a male member. Different laws say that domestic violence is an inhumane crime against women in society. Under the domestic violence act 2005, different sections of the Indian penal code and criminal procedure code has called it fundamental for society to secure women rights. Section 304 B OF IPC related to the different agreement for women who are suffering domestic violence. 313 and316 of IPC physical torcher which leads to abortion. 305 and 306 of IPC for the suicide of women. there are many such provision for women safety against domestic violence. Albeit there are many women are unaware of these rights and they are not able to approach the court and die.

Domestic violence also includes acid attacks, stalking, publically and forcefully disrobing these has created protection against the criminal act.

To aware women of their rights, our constitutional pillars i.e executive, legislature and judicial all have to come together and take the pledge to secure every woman right. There such be first judicial proceeding in case of such violence and create awareness through acts, dramas and advertisement. Work on ground level solve the problems through a case study in a different area and know the problems with usually give rise to this evil.