Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Employment Opportunities By choosing a work against her choice can she give 100%? Reply To: By choosing a work against her choice can she give 100%?

Gayatri Somvanshi
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Definitely she cannot. She can’t put her whole mond and interest in the work if she is not happy with her work and environment around it. Let alone let’s not forget how the workplaces give tough times to women . For men it is never a problem as they are free to choose the job they want. In case of women she has to choose according to her husband, family and children as she is responsible for handling both home and work and family should be her first priority. So many women are forced to do jobs like teaching or tutoring at home through blogging. It has really attracted a lot of housewives but still not everyone wants to stay at home.
So thus it’s really difficult for women and this is why they get stressed and mentally exhausted and unmotivated and thus ending up with leaving the jobs.
There is no excitement and as we know problems like unequal pay and lack of respect plus getting tired of work with handling of house work makes women feel burdened . Lets not forget the main reason behind it is stereotypes of this world who think women should always focus on jobs which will make it convenient to look after her family. Also not to forget how a lady is bombarded with request to have a child even when she not ready adding onto more responsibilities and thus resulting in loss of interest.