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anshika agarwal
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Discrimination against girl child at home
Discrimination means the unjust treatment of children on the grounds of appearance, gender, aptitude, skills and family expectations. In all discriminations gender discrimination is so high. Girl childs are facing depression, anxiety and discrimination in society as well as at their home due to their gender. A study shows that girls receive less education, less health facilities and are less impoverished than boys.
Forms of discrimination against girl children are numerous and vary depending on the traditions, history, and culture of a particular society. At home girls are treated as liability and boys as assets. Female infanticide is also done at home because some people don’t want girls as their child. Boys are told not to cry because it’s a girly thing. In families girls are proven as weak and emotional. Girls are given dolls to play while boys are given cars, fighter toys. In families boys are always preferred over girls. Boys are sent to better school for gettting education but girl’s education is not taken seriously. Girls are told how to do household chores while boys never told to do so. A girl is treated as an object who is going to another house in future. Family members just focus on making their daughter a good daughter-in-law. Girl child is told not to go outside after a particular time but there is no restrictions on boys. Girls are told to behave properly and dress nicely in full clothes which cover their entire body. Every family wishes to have atleast one boy child and if their second child is also a boy then it is treated as overwhelming but after having a daughter in a family no family member wants their second child as a girl. There are a lot of discrimination running at home. Girl childs are suffering through them. Families should ensure that girls also get equal rights in family like boys and there shouldn’t be any kind of discrimination.