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Pandemic has been difficult for everyone a lot of people think it had badly impacted, to working women and even to women who stay at home, the society may think that only men are suffering but women who are been working were also going through many problems, many companies cut off women employees in pandemic working women who lost their job were very depressed and shattered, because there was zero income and they have to pay the bills and manage the household. In a pandemic, women have to do work from home they did not have that many tech devices. It became more difficult for them to do that many things that make all things. Some women have to work on no salary till everything got normal. Many women who are maids and do small household activities stop going they were devasted nobody got the help from where work condition got becoming only worst day by day. Now also working women are not getting the job easily because some companies are considering men as their first priority. Some women have to quit their jobs because of family responsibilities and household chores. because of fewer wages women, motivation also lowered towards work it becomes stressful on working daily basis. There were a lot of disturbances in between while working because children were not going to school, they were homeschooling, women also need to keep a check on that. There was hardly were working woman who got time for herself. Women have the constant pressure of work deadlines and household chores are also taking a toll on their mental health there was a change in their behaviour. Also, companies were not ready to listen to the concern of their employees. Many women remain strong and handle everything by not giving up its very true that women are born with a superpower.