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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Yes, that’s the very true thing. We say jobs are male dominated and the reason behind this is the stereotypes of the world in the education sector. The field is generalised and this is some demotivation for women if they want to jump in any particular field. We see how women have proven to be successful in each and every field yet they face challenges everywhere.
The problem is women are always said to not need quality resources and facilities. According to the society, giving women food ,shelter and clothing is already enough for her. But they don’t realise we need an identity and we do have our own passion but according to them a daughter must be educated for the sake of the ongoing demands of boys to have an educated wife.
Even if any families encourage jobs there are limitations because we know people saying that the jobs which have tables and chairs are suitable for girls. According to them physical labour is not for girls and also the classic reason that too much physical activities will break hymen for girls .
We also see how girls are always belittled in jobs and universities. We often forget that capabilities are not gender based. Even though there is a difference in physical strength, we cannot forget that today girls are active in sports like kabaddi , wrestling, archery and so on. It is really sad that most of the girls need to give up on their dreams because of these views. Also the cost for high end courses is too much so girls who are already facing financial issues could not do it because most families don’t believe in investing in a girl’s education but saving money for marriage and dowry. Basically gender stereotypes have affected the right of choice of education a lot for women.