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In today’s generation their are many options in every field due to which men and women both has choice to choose their work according to their skills and talent. And if they don’t get their choice of work than it becomes difficult to work without their choice of interest. In many families parents used to force their children to choose the field of their parents choice but they will not ask them if they has interest or talent in that particular field. Due to which it become difficult for children to give their 100% towards particular field which is not of their choice or interest. After marriage many women sacrifice their career for taking care of family and children and if she want to do job of her own choice work for that she need to take her husband permission and due to which she didn’t get opportunity to do job of her own choice because all suggest her to be beautician, teacher, tailor, etc. Rather than giving opportunity to choice their work by her own. Due to which one can’t have focus towards particular work. In family, if daughter wants to be model and son wants to be an actor they support their son but they will not support her daughter because of society mentality due to which under being family pressure she choose against her choice work but she can’t give her 100% towards work because she want to be model and all the mind of her will always get diverted towards her choice of work. So this shows that parents don’t treat their daughter and son equally because of not supporting her daughter, she couldn’t get an opportunity to make you feel proud. Society has to change their thinking that by not supporting their daughter, wife, sister they are killing their dreams. Giving chance to choice their own work will automatically make them to work hard.