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Women are still facing challenges in top positions because of mindset of people which is made by the society that women are meant to do household chores and men are meant to do job and earn money. Due to which some men can’t see women who achieving high level position than him. By seeing that men try to make obstacles between her work or sometimes they don’t respect women. At workplace men who can’t take women achievement because of male ego they trouble women or do misbehave with her. Because of which many cases of sexual harassment we see in news channel that mostly happen at workplace. Many women don’t get equal pay or promotion compare to men instead of having same skills and education because of which women faces financial problems. In family also there are some husband who can’t see their wife in top positions due to which it will create arguments in their relationship. There are some families who still have old tradition thinking because of which they never appreciate women for her achievement in top positions and when if any men will have any small achievement they start appreciating him and discriminate against women. Society also start making judgments or discriminate women for her work and family responsibilities. In time of pregnancy women need to take a break from job and after having child coming back to office with same energy is bit of challenging for herself. Working Women by being in top positions because of their talent and hardwork non of them will support or encourage for her achievement because of society mindset and inequality towards women. Society and men need to stop their discrimination towards women. Atleast appreciate for her hardwork and treat them equally like men at workplace. People should support both men and women equally rather than making obstacles for women in top positions they should focus on their hardwork than automatically good things will come to them.