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Roles like cooking, cleaning and housework are generally associated with women. More often than not, it would be rare to see a man doing housework.
It starts at childhood, when a girl is given a cookery set to play with, when she is taught how to cook to take care of her in-laws in the future. I notice that the same treatment isn’t given with men. Men are taught to be tough, but they do not need to know how to cook because they work right? Wrong. Working women still have to do the housework even after a long day at work.

Cooking is a basic life skill. If you learn how to cook, it will make things easier for you. Regardless of the gender, the kitchen is and should be a gender neutral place.
I also want to talk about the different attitudes society has for men and women. For women, cooking is just a duty but for men, it’s art. If someone is good at something we can appreciate them but it’s baffling to see how society treats women.

Yes, we are heading towards a gender neutral kitchen but there’s still stigma around it. Basic life skills shouldn’t be treated as gender roles. If we associate roles with gender, how can we ever achieve gender equality?
So, gender neutral kitchens is a must.