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Discrimination against girl child begins before the girls has been born because this society needs boy child only and so when a woman is planning for a child or during her pregnancy, she has a lot to hear from society and its people and from that point onwards a woman has to face discrimination and inequality. This discrimination between genders is from past generations and still is observed.
There are many families who don’t want a girl child because they think it will be burden to have a girl because many things need to be fulfilled for her starting from her childhood expenses till her marriage. The discrimination at a very basic level like providing boys with proper education and girls with less or no education, or giving boys a chance to decide for their own career and no opportunity to the girl to decide for her own life.
When a boy is born there are grand celebrations but at the birth of girl there no such thing and they blame their fortunate and say our luck was bad that we had the birth of girl child. By listening to these things for girls it feels very saddening that people are so narrow-minded. The mentality of society is orthodox, it was not only in past but is continued in these times also.
Boys and girls are discriminated against on clothes, their studies, their activities, their behavior, and many more things. The basic thing thought to a girl in her family is how to manage the kitchen and family because she is female and boys are not taught this because they will become bread earners for the family.
This kind of discrimination still prevails in this era too and in fact, it will continue so in coming times also because discrimination, inequality is the root cause of any other issues related to women. It will only be reduced when we keep our thoughts open and treat each gender equally and consider everyone at par.