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Apoorva Pathak
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This pandemic has created an environment where people especially working women are undergoing depression as they are deprived to work due to unemployment, underemployment and disgust employment. This three employment are threatening women society. We have seen that many people have lost their jobs and the majority in the ratio are women.
Some women who are having jobs cant handle it with the house chore work or due to health issues. This pandemic is becoming a burden for working women and those who are working in unorganised sectors such as maid, child care nurses, sewage cleaner etc. these women have lost their jobs as there was no security of payment to them.

Even after unlocking the working sectors, this is not easy to get the job to them. This has increased the unemployment gap between women and men. It was not easy to women to bring this gap closer it is going to take at least 10 years more to fill it up.
Unemployment has hit those women are working on daily wages and belong to a rural area or are a single mother. They are not able to feed their children and even able to take care of health issues.

80% of women who are working in the formal sector undergone excessive stress in their life after covid-19. They are not able to focus on their work due to the increase in house chore work and child care. They are under the mental, physical, emotional and social burden and not able to focus on work from homework. They are undergoing mental as well as physical breakdown due to overburden they are falling ill and able to approach hospital due to this pandemic.
This has created a huge gap between the economic condition before and after covid and while take 3 decades to fill it.