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Throughout history, transgender people have been discriminated and still are not treated even with little respect by the people of India. With the problematic transgender laws in place, It proves to be difficult for transgender people. We can only imagine how the case is for transgender people in prison.

Transgender people face a lot of discrimination in prison. They are often misgendered, people often make assumptions of what gender a transgender person might be based solely on their genitalia, which is very wrong because transgender people do not identify with the gender they had at birth and even if they have genitalia of a gender, it doesn’t mean they identify as that gender.

As a result of this,transgender women are put in male prisons wherein their safety is at danger. Transgender people are raped, molested and abused in prisons by the prison guards and prisoners.

They are usually denied fundamental rights that cisgender people have. When they’re sick, they’re neglected. It’s as if they do not even exist for some ignorant people. When they need legal aid, it is denied. The people who belong to marginalized groups are also denied basic rights.

We need to understand that firstly, transgender people deserve their basic rights. There needs to be a separate block for transgender and non-binary people. They do speak out but nobody listens. If we raised more awareness on this topic, it would be good. I hope that there will be no discrimination in the future.