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Coding is a newly emerging skill that everyone is learning. Coding seems to be very interesting and useful skill in today’s time.
Although, men have always been expected to do the technical job like coding but today, women are also taking a great interest in coding. Alot of women have been excelling in coding and alot have been learning it too. There exists a plenty of courses in coding:
1. Python; Python is one of the top computer programming courses in India & a computer language which is quite popular these days since it has machine learning elements integrated with it.
2. R and software development; The R language is a special language which is quite useful in data science. R Language helps you to handle complex data, build packages and customize your own data visualizations. In most online programming courses regarding R, you will learn about R, the development practices used for building these tools and how to make R work in team-based settings.
3. Fundamentals of java programing; Java is always one of the top computer programming courses in India program and it is quite a basic program which helps students get a glimpse of the complex world of programming. With online computer programming courses of Java, you should be able to develop foundational skills required for any software engineer which includes solving real-world problems, designing different algorithms and debugging.
4. Web developing and full stack developer; The demand for Full Stack Developer is on the rise in the current world. A full stack developer is an individual who works both back-end and front-end for web development or app development. A course to become a Full Stack Developer would involve learning of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, MySQL and so much more.
There exists alot more courses in coding, women are eligible for all of them and can learn with there best interest.