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Apoorva Pathak
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Why we treat them just like untouchable? This is inhumane. Many of the transgenders are discriminated In police custody. There is no separate prisoner room for transgender when they kept with other prisoners they are molested and even sometimes lead to death or suicide. They are sometimes exploited by police in prison they are torched to show their nude body they are even raped and torched. This all is so inhumane that we can not think of it.

Even though there are many providers for their protection in IPC, CRPc and constitution but still they are very rare cases that can approach them. Sometimes these transgenders are hesitant to reveal their identity and when it gets revealed they are bitten and molested by police and prison inmates.

As these transgenders are not having support from their family and society it becomes very difficult for them to get bail and even to know their rights in the constitution. Lawyers are not available to them. Albeit there are many NGO’s who are working towards this issue and to give justice to transgender society but they are not easily accessible to them.

Article 21 provide the constitution right to all the citizen or not to have right to life and privacy. There is much judgement regarding cruelly to transgender in prison and also these activities are unconstitutional and punishable according to the Supreme court and the high court. Article 22 give the right to know what are the causes of detention and has to represent before the magistrate within 24 hours although there are many exceptions such as under UAPA we are deprived of these right.
Even after so many provisions, there are many cases related to the inhumane treatment of transgender. Hope we will bring inclusiveness in our society and treat everyone equal in the eyes of law.