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Web development is all about developing a website online and maintain and managing a website to ensure its performance, user experience, and speed is optimal. There are a lot of web development courses related to web development are available online. for learning web development girls and women first need to learn about computer languages such as HTML,CSS, javascript, and python, etc. the online websites which provide short term courses of web development from basic level to advance level. Udemy, course-era, academy and byjus, white hat junior. You learn and earn a certificate. also in lockdown lot of students have taken this job of web development now many of them are doing internships and helping their family members to overcome financial problems in this tuff time. If somebody knows how to design they can grow their connection by reaching customers around the country. Also, one’s business can also expand. By help, web development one adds experience and expertise in their skill set. Businesses women can make their brand big by opening a website it will also save cost because we don’t people. Women and girls should at least do this course for once it will help them in many ways.