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anshika agarwal
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Does Indian women are really free? Independence or freedom is self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Does women can travel late at night? The answer is big no. Women are not at all ‘free’ in this ‘free’ India. Women don’t even have freedom of wearing the clothes according to their will. It’s been years since india get Independence from British rule. But women are still not independent. Violence like rape, murder, trafficking, molestation, acid attacks, domestic violence etc against women are increasing day by day. In india women are struggling alot to get freedom to step out anytime. Women in the country want to have an atmosphere where they can go out, as and when they please, as a free citizen, without the fear of getting, molested or raped. After marriage women are forced to choose between their family and their jobs. In most of the cases women are forced to leave their jobs. Marital rape is still not considered as rape. Women are not at all free they have to change themselves according to the society. Women are still paid less in offices then men. There are a lot of stigma running in the society. Menstruation is still considered as the dirty and impure thing in women. Girls are dropped out of school due to beginning of menstruation. Feminists and women social workers are struggling alot to have equality and have freedom in society.
Women should be raised as independent not the victim of any violence. India cannot be considered free till women are free.