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Education is very important part of each and every person life especially in today era. In ancient time only boys are allowed to get educated very few parents allowed their girls to get proper education. After so much of struggle women are not freely get access to educated . But this journey is very difficult for them.
The difficulties they have face are :-
The major educational problem faced by girls, especially girls from rural areas, is that although they may be enrolled at the beginning of the year, they do not always remain in school. It is estimated that 45 percent of girls dropout of school between grades 1 and 5 . Girls are often taken out of school to share the family respon­sibilities such as caring for younger siblings, etc.
In respective of Daughter education, parents always differ is son education . If a family has to choose between educating a son or a daughter because of financial restric­tions, typically the son will be chosen. Negative parental attitudes towards educating daughters can also be a barrier to a girl’s education.
Child marriage, the marriage of a child under the age of 18, happens all over the world but occurs disproportionately in developing countries. Some parents believe they are protecting their children from harm or stigma associated with having a relationship outside of marriage, but child brides who miss out on education are also more likely to experience early pregnancy, malnourishment, domestic violence, and pregnancy complications. For families experiencing financial hardship, child marriage reduces their economic burden, but it ends up being more difficult for girls to gain financial independence without education. These are the few obstacles every girl always face during her education Duration.
Remedies overcome these Obstacles –UNICEF is prioritizing girls secondary education initiatives that tackle discriminatory gender norms, and address menstrual hygiene management in schools. Education Cannot Wait, the world’s first fund dedicated to education in crisis and conflict, is promoting safe learning environments, improving teachers’ skills, and supporting gender-responsive education programs. The Malala Fund, founded by Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, is investing in local education activists, advocating to hold leaders accountable, and amplifying girls’ voices. Creating awareness among girls parents and changing the mind-set for girl education, through various roadside play’s .