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Yes, I strongly believe in this concept.
First let us be clear what are the core of the concepts.
Patriarchy makes a society which is strongly supervised or you can say dominated by male. While feminism come against the theory of patriarchy which demands equal rights of men and women.

Due to most of the patriarchal behaviors going on and on, make female believe that they are always inferior. In the other hand, male society lack manners to behave well. They’re never told about asking permission, whether it’s from his mother, sister, wife or someone else. This behavior make them arrogant.
And of course all of us are aware of what happened next. Domestic violence, sexual harassment is the explicit truth of our world.
Whether it’s about some middle class men to the utmost higher ranked officers, they denies to take order from women. As a result female leadership can’t make a stand in our parliament. There’s no voice to talk alongside of women.
These patriarchal norms make us believe how much unsafe are our women are if they step outside, which is again from the men due to patriarchy. Women are not allowed to be strong, to do jobs which needs much physical activity. They never get the chance of trying.
Parents are disheartened because of a girl child birth. As the thought is already deeply rooted that doing household chores are the only duty girl has and arranging her marriage is the last duty they have as a parent.
Continuous women exploitation, child marriage, child molestation are the results of these patriarchy.
As a result half of our society get to be unheard. When we’re aiming for a whole development of our society, we can’t just develope men, women are also from the same society and need to be developed.
Again if we look into many families, we’ll mostly get to see in the middle class families, that securing job is the only option for their finance, education and every necessities. In some crucial state if a husband loses his job or when a husband wants to continue for his passion, his wife is still not allowed to attend a service according to her eligibility. Cursing the wife is normal for our society, but then the male will not be escaped too from bad-mouthing and questions.
In the other words this patriarchy defines that it’s better not to survive at all, rather than let your wife work outside. As a result, not only the family suffer, but also the male get pressurized.

Now why feminism is better?
Patriarchy not only harms female, but also they are somehow affecting men. As in a patriarchal society, a man himself don’t have a choice of letting go the expectations. It represent a men dominating society, leaving a man no choice other than being that dominator. It’s not only about the female who can’t achieve their dreams due to patriarchal norms, it’s also about those men who can’t fulfill their dreams of attending a less respected job, according to society, as maybe they will earn less or walk on some other paths than what society wants him to .
So many of us must have thought feminism as a solely development or just as opposite of today’s patriarchy is. But it’s not true even a little.
We want a society where a man and woman go side by side, supporting each other.