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simran arora
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The worse nightmare for a transgender in our society is not what happens around, but going to jail in a male or female block. I witnessed the first torture and discrimination against the community in an Indian web series. Some born identity themselves as men, women, or third sex, but the Indian prisons do not identify them as either.

Inside the Indian prisons, the story is different. Many transgenders are raped or are strip-teased as a source of entertainment. The history of abuse is worse for this community because when society fails to accept them, they do not hold a presence in either of the prison blocks.

Lately, the Kerala government witnessed the issue and inaugurated a special prison block for the transgender community. A few governments allow the prisoners to make a living for their families, but the right for transgenders do not exist. Even when transgenders leave the prison, their families fail to accept them. In the end, they are left with no home and no emotional support.

The mocking in prison blocks becomes worse because they do not have separate toilets. Also, many bully them to do their errands or perform sexual intercourse with other people. All kinds of physical assaults take place, and the jails hardly seem to care about it.

The Kerala government has taken legitimate steps to stop the violence against transgenders. Also, if parents discriminate against their child for belonging to this community, then they shall also be punished for the same.