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In today’s generation their are many working Women’s who do all the household work and take care of family despite of all this, she balance both personal and professional life with smile on her face. By giving fully dedication in Office work then also she don’t get that equal respect and Salary than men. Why? Always men get the priority from family, society and at workplace also. Why aren’t women get that equal priority from family, society and at workplace. In this generation their are many working Women who do equal amount of work like men but they don’t get equal pay like men. In office, big project and responsibilities are given to men because of which women with same skills and education they don’t even get opportunity to do that project. Why? This gender discrimination towards women only. Men and women both equally deserve to get opportunities at workplace. In this pandemic situation also many men and women both were unemployment but women are the ones who face lot of rejection for jobs over men. Their are lots of female maid who can’t go for work due to pandemic because of which they don’t have any source to earn money. Government should arrange some job facilities for such females Who can’t even get opportunity to educate herself because of society mentality and inequality towards women. In offices female are doing hardwork on particular project in a team but credit will be given to the male member of the team because of such inequality will automatically result with men and women positions in office. Due to which women don’t even get appreciated for her hardwork towards project. Women are earning less than men because of inequality and not treating them equally like men at workplace. Women will earn equally when society will give equal support for education and by giving equal opportunities.