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simran arora
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It is a misconception to state two subjects with gender identities. Not to mention it is a sexist statement, but the question is why people still believe this. In a layman’s language, science represents biological aptitude, while social science or humanities represents sociological aptitude. The thing such statements miss is that a human has both biological and sociological nature.

Some cultures still believe that men’s aptitude is higher in science when compared with women, vice versa for social sciences. Choosing social science signifies how one can keep women in household activities or a subject that helps them to balance life but not save it.

There is a choice to select subjects as per your dream or future. There could be women who perform better in science or men who could do better in social sciences. Gender should certainly not define which role would be perfect for any sex.

The patriarchal approaches led the previous centuries as mistakenly stabled societies. Thereby, mentioning that men do better at sciences and women perform better at social sciences has no logic. There is the thing about the majority, and it will take years to reduce this gap, and such statements are of no help!