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The concept of traditional or normal marriage is different from feminist marriage. In feminist marriage both partners believe in equality, nobody is a superior or dominating partner in marriage both treat each other respectfully, they both get happy with each other’s happiness and success. The good thing about this marriage is there are very fewer chances of complications and arguments in the marriage relationship and also the burden of home and family responsibilities does not solely fall on women but both the partner equally distributes their responsibility. But in India feminist marriages very less we can see it is still a mirage but slowly people are changing so it may turn into reality in the future. Doing feminist marriage is very beneficial to women because her husband gets successful in her career and understands her nicely. They are no judgment and criticism only support. If couples started their marriage as feminist marriage, then some chances coming generation will also do the same and end up inequality in marriages. Patriarchal beliefs look like women are weaker sex than man and women have to make decisions asking their husband but in feminism, women can make their own decision, choices and they can live by showing their own identity. there are a lot of people in society who are against inter-caste and inter-religion marriage but feminist marriage ideology only believes in inequality, respect, and love in their relationship. Some couples really value the concept of feminist marriage, but they cannot do it because of social barriers. People should stop bothering about society. but seeing the current situation patriarchy is heavy than feminist marriages. Feminist marriage needs to be encouraged between unmarried people. Feminist marriage very new concept for people who will take time to accept this.