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Children are easily influenced. They learn a lot from their parents, teachers, elders, and the media. So, you must be careful with what you allow your child to view and you should be careful with what you say around your child. They look up to you, so they take what you say seriously. Gender bias happens at home and school and they shape the child into the person they will become in the future.
Teachers need to understand that all girls and boys are different. They’re unique and they all offer different perspectives. Not one person is the same. But, some people have a gender bias. They might ask the boys and girls different questions based on their gender rather than asking all of them to get different perspectives.
Some teachers might think that boys might be interested in maths and science and girls might be interested in arts and humanities. But, that’s not the case. The subjects are taken by people who are interested in them. Subjects should not be gendered.
They also conform to gender stereotypes by assigning roles to them without getting to know any of them. Girls do not like sports because it’s a ‘boy’ thing, that boys are physically stronger so they give the tasks like moving desks, carrying books to boys and give ‘lighter’ tasks to girls. If you want to promote gender equality, include all of them. Also, boys are usually given more leadership roles. By including both genders, you get great leaders.
I feel that if there were classes one could take to learn more about gender equality or inequality, it would be good. It would help them out a lot in life. If you did not base your assumptions on the genders based on stereotypes. I think gender bias would cease to exist.