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What students learn at school they adopt because schools are the base of education and learning apart from their parents and family. A classroom is a place where each child can learn, explore and grasp and adopt new things not only education-wise but in every aspect.
Gender equality is a phenomenon that has always been a topic of discussion be it at a young age, old age, studies, work, career, etc. and it is been observed that there still exists inequality between genders and as per that they are treated.
Teachers can promote gender equality in the classroom and that can also bring some positive change in the thoughts of students in terms of equality between everyone. It can be done by
-Teachers should start educating them about gender equality and basic rights.
– They should not give more attention to one gender or students like favoritism and partial behavior and treat every student at par so any student won’t feel less than others.
– Every teaching like cultural and theory or sports should be inclusive for all and make them participate in everything without thinking of boys and girls for specific sport or activity.
– Appreciate each individual as per their work, not on basis of gender or partiality.
– For kids at kindergarten there should be no specific toy for boy or girl and teach them, there’s no toy or article which are gender-specific.
– There should be no sentence used by teachers like ‘don’t cry because you are a boy’ or ‘girls are more sincere than boys’ because after listening to these comments students will feel discriminated against among themselves and there starts a base for inequality.
– They should also be thought that classroom is a group and all are a team and should be united and not make groups such as boys group or girls group for any activity or project.
There are many things which the classroom can promote in positive ways and students will surely understand in their coming ages that what they learned was helpful. The classroom is the root for educating and if the root is strong then the whole tree will be fruitful.