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Apoorva Pathak
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Feminism is the concept that is related to the liberation of women. It enhances the area for women development where women can have rights and freedom also aspire to grow more in society.
It meant to clear the social role of women in the society as if women are not able to participate and create their identity in the society will lead not lead to enrichment of women in the society. until and unless we create a society where there is no concept of gender equality this lead to imbalance.
The approach of feminism in politics started from half of the twentieth century albeit was started in the 18th century. there was a fight for rights and freedom in many countries. Women were contributing their time in political discussion to bring resurrection in society. They working in the printing press to create a sense of adult franchise and contest election in a male-dominated society. They write their thoughts, ideas and stories in novels and inspiring others to unit all-female and work towards their upliftment.
There were different rallies, meetings and shows where showing the role of women in society and what are the disadvantages she was suffering from. Feminism is pictured as the fight against patriarchal society and sexism.
When there will social inclusion in the society it will lead to harmony and strength their role. We need to look back and learn things about how we can enhance women role in politics and create a new identity out of them.
To enhance their role we need to bring reservation in politics by reserving seats in the election, creating awareness about the right to vote and chose their leaders. Creating provision for women in the constitution and also establishing an institution that can educate women about their real identity and their strength.