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Shumaila Siddiqui
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There is a lot of opportunities and scope for girls in coding, Though we didn’t have many woman coders back then but now there are so many resources and platforms for the woman to learn to code and to make their future easily. They can learn from their home by enrolling in an online course which provides the complete course for coding. Woman who can’t afford money and have a dream of becoming a coder, they can also fulfil their dream by enrolling themselves in a free of cost courses available online .
Below is the list of the best courses for coding available online for women:
Some online courses which are free of cost are as follows: JumpStart Lab, Udemy,, Coursera, Udacity,Hubpages, Team treehouse, Code Academy and Khan Academy.
US has started many organizations who are helping woman to pursue their dream to become coders in the future. They have classified the courses into three sections:
1. Intensive coding boot camps for woman which includes:
• Hack bright Academy -Beginner code course, python course and prep course.
• Skillcrush-Python for web apps and data, visual design, etc
2. Programming classes and workshops for female coders:
• 23 Code Street — Web Development Foundations covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git and GitHub, and more
• Lesbians Who Tech-Offers scholarship and makes a way for a career for LGBTQ women.
• Hear Me Code-Coding classes
3. Coding camps and Groups for girls under 18
• Tech Scholars Online-Web design,App building and Video game development.
• TechGirlz- HTML & CSS,Linux, SQL databases, Python, Game Design
Online platforms also offers some other modes from which women can learn coding . There are slack channels, videos,podcast, facebook group and events teaching a coding and to connect with worldwide women coders. There is a lot to be explored in these small initiatives and make your coding enhanced.
Ladies, Don’t let patriarchal norms and gender baseness halt your life. Take steps, control them ,follow through a plan and achieve your dreams . The tech industry need more women coders.
Start immediately and make yourself a inspiration for future women coders to follow through.